Personal development and mentorship 

More than 25 years of experience of interdisciplinary networking

With over three decades of experience in the media, TV, film, games and live event industries, as well as other areas of innovation and systems development, I am an experienced personal development and mentorship coach. My career spans multiple roles, including music producer, manager, artist and event promoter where I have discovered, built and supported personalities in their careers.

Skills and services:

1. career development and support:
    Discovering and building artists: I identify promising talent and help them launch and develop their careers.
    Business support: Through targeted business strategies, I help artists and professionals to establish themselves in the industry and be successful.

2. personality development and networking:
     Individual personality development: I work closely with my clients to identify and develop their personal strengths.
     Network building: I promote networking among the necessary personalities within and outside the industry to create synergies and collaborations.

3. promotion and consolidation of creativity:
    Creativity development: I use various techniques and methods to support my clients in fully exploiting their creative potential.
    Project realization: I accompany creative projects from brainstorming to implementation and ensure their successful realization.

4. syntheses between divergent areas:
    Interdisciplinary approaches: Through my experience in different industries, I create syntheses between divergent fields and promote innovative approaches to solutions.
Promoting innovation: 
I help to develop new ideas and implement them successfully in different contexts.

Cross-industry recognition: 
My work is recognized across industries and I am known for my ability to foster creative and innovative solutions.

I believe in the potential of each individual and that through focused support and development, everyone can achieve their goals. My work is based on trust, respect and a deep passion for fostering creativity and innovation.